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Replica Pirate Doubloons

I have been slowly creating some props again, this time it’s to reproduce some better looking replica pirate doubloons. I wanted them to look better than those ‘poker chip’ type pirate coins that have skulls or some other face that isn’t really authentic. So, I’ll show you how I went about creating them.

Step 1 - Casting
Use a molding material of your choice (I used Super Sculpey) and press your piece into the material.

Step 2 - Prep Molds
Set your molds on a level surface and coat with a release agent (I used a spray).

Step 3 - Casting Material
Mix your casting material according to the directions. I measured out 1 Tablespoon of resin and added 18 drops of the catalyst to make 10 coins.

Slowly and carefully pour your casting material into your molds.

Step 5 - Powder
I coated the resin I used with baby powder so I could handle them while they were still a little soft. On a clear, sunny day it took about 20 minutes to get to a semi-solid state I could handle.

Step 6 - De-molding
I used a toothpick to help pry out the casting from the mold. Since I used a clay, it wasn't very flexible so I had to work with them while they were still curing.

Step 7 -Finish Cure
I set the castings out for another 20 minutes to finish curing in the sun. I trim any over spill at this point since cutting them fully cured could break them if your not careful.

After they are done, I place them in a plastic bag with some baby power to keep any from sticking if any aren't quite cured.

Step 9 - Base Paint
When ready, clean off your casting (if you used any powder) and paint a flat black base coat. Paint both sides and the edges. It took only 1 coat but feel free to add another if your paint seems a little thin.

Step 10 - Detailing
I used a Metallic Wax and rubbed it with my finger over the face of the casting to bring out the details. Use more or less depending on how much detail you want to highlight.

Step 11 - Sealing
After you have detailed your casting, you'll want to seal the surface so nothing rubs off. I used a gloss spray sealer.