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2010 Props

Here is a complete listing of all my projects built in 2010. Have fun and be safe!


All these projects are posted as-is so you can adapt and change things to fit your own personal requirements. Some of these projects require the use of power tools so please read and understand the use of each before attempting to follow along. Please keep safety in mind and use common sense during construction.
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How to create wooden pilings the Pirate Way!

Faux Wood Pilings

4” Conduit (PVC or Fiberglass)
Liquid Nails Panel Adhesive
Monster Mud
Wood or Drywall Screws
Latex Paint Colors (depending on your taste)
Hot Glue
Plastic Spoon & Cup

¾” Manila Rope
Barnacles (bought or cast yourself)

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The Wall Build

The next part of the photo-op project is to build the wall that our pirate captain is chained to and on display.

I looked at several different stone wall pictures and found 2 that I am going to use as a guide for my carved styrofoam wall.

This is the stone pattern.

This is the paint scheme.

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Those of you that were following my photo-op pirate prop, here is a little slide show showing the build.

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So, for those of you who have been following my latest monster mud prop here is the second part. I noticed that the updates for this project have gotten a little long. I decided that starting another section at the projects halfway point is a good idea.

If you missed the first half of the build, you can find it here: Part 1. If you would like to see the video slide show of the entire build, you can find that here: Prop Build Video.

On to the last half of the build.

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