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I decided to redo the shipwreck from 2 years ago. Took the canvas "skin" off and used a thin paneling to cover the frame. I wanted to add more detailing to it along with making it larger.

I added some fancy styrofoam trim, remade the bow out of 1x6's and used a section of 6" fiberglass conduit for the bowsprit. I also added a forecastle deck.



Still have a few more trim pieces to add and then its on to painting!


All the screws were covered with latex caulk, then painted with a flat black latex paint. Over that, a drybrush of a light brown was added.




So, here it is setup in the yard with a fiberglass conduit section for the bowsprit. Not everything was finished for it this year, so I'll be adding to it again for the next display.

I think it makes for a better looking shipwreck.