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I painted a quick coat of flat latex paint to the pants to help stiffen and also to help reshape and fold the fabric. I could do this step too much, so one coat of paint and left it to dry. After 1 hour, I applied the first layer of monster mud onto the pants.

At this stage, the folds are fairly set without a lot of worry they will come undone. I am looking at getting 3 good coats of latex paint & monster mud on with a few hours dry time between.

At the very top of this picture, you can see where I had to add some duct tape to help hold the pants up. They are beginning to get a little heavy and began to sag. When the majority of the fabric gets 3 coats and is very dry, I will finish up the waistband and cut out the areas where you will be able to see his leg bones.

I will most likely use some sort of filler for the inside of the pants, spray foam around the cut out areas and inside the boot to help anchor in the PVC leg bones. I will also epoxy glue on the peg-leg to the PVC/bone stump.