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Step 5:
Apply the MM / LN mixture with the back of a spoon following the “grain” of your piling. You don’t want it to be smooth, leave the ridges and keep them all going in the same direction. Leave it to dry for 24 hours.

Step 6:
Add a dark paint “wash” (a brown for this project) to your surface. My wash mix is a 1:1 Water/Paint. [Ignore the spray foam at the bottom of this picture; it’s from another piling I’m making].

Step 7:
Use a light color (a white for this project) and dry brush everything to make the “wood” grain really pop.

Step 8:
Add your Manila Rope, glue on some Barnacles and add some water stains to the lower part of the pilings.

Here is the finished project: New Pilings Project.