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The Wall Build

The next part of the photo-op project is to build the wall that our pirate captain is chained to and on display.

I looked at several different stone wall pictures and found 2 that I am going to use as a guide for my carved styrofoam wall.

This is the stone pattern.

This is the paint scheme.

The wall is going to be a framed out of wood and skinned with 1" foam sheathing. I will carve out the stone pattern in the foam, use a heat gun for texture and a few coats of paint it should look like stone.


I used 2" x 2" wood studs, some 2 1/2" screws, a couple piano hinges and 4" lag bolts.

The design I decided on was to have 2 half sections that folded in the middle with lag bolts holding the 2 section together. It would make it easier to store and hopefully easier to install.

The wall comes out to be 8 feet wide and 7 feet 1/2 inches (give or take a 1/4 inch).