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Last year my carpet tube ship's mast took a beating from the rain. Bad enough where I had to make a new one out of PVC.

I used a 6' section of 4", 6' section of 3" and 5' section of 2" with reducing couplings. It ends up being a little over 17' tall, breaks down in 3 pieces with the mast arms breaking down into 4 section. With the mast arms, it's a little over 10' wide at the bottom and 8' wide near the top.

The crow's nest was made from 1" styrofoam & 2" x 2" boards. It's fairly light weight weight and slips off for storage. Here it is on top of the mast with a 33" skeleton for a look-out.

It will be painted and then some cheese cloth for sails. The base is the only thing left to build for this piece and it's done.