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One of the new projects for this year was to add some more detail to my shipwreck. I decided that it needed an anchor so here is my paper mache project.

It's made from recycled cardboard, newspaper, duct tape and mache glue.


I started by cutting some cardboard in the shape of an anchor. I shaped and glued a center support to help hold the shape.

Next was to fill in and bulk up the frame with newspaper and tape.

I covered with tape and prepped for the layers of paper mache.


Here you can see how the anchor is taking shpe.

Left side has just tape,Right side has a layer of mache.

Left has 1 layer of paper towel mache and 2 layers of newspaper mache, Right has 1 layer of paper towel mache.


Next was to build the center section. Same idea as before, cardboard frame and bulk up with newspaper.


Newspaper and tape was used to fill in/bulk up the center section.

Paper towel mache applied to keep help keep the shape.


All the mache has been added at this point and the shape holds up nicely.

I decided to add a little detail to the front on this anchor, a skull.


The top section was designed to come apart for storage. Just a cardboard tube covered with mache to mache the bottom section.

Everything was painted black with some washes of different colors for the final look.

It stands about 5 feet tall. Just need to add the top ring and chain and it's complete.