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I was asked by a very good friend to make a sign for their pirate display. They were going to have a pub and needed a nice sign. After a few days, a name was picked: Ye Old Seaforth Tavern.

I picked a piece of scrap foam board I had from another project and drew the shape for the sign. Nothing real complicated a round section on the top middle and the bottom corners cut off.

Next comes the wood grain texturing. I drew where the separation for individual wood pieces, the grain, knots and worm holes would be on this sign. Them using my hot knife, burned in the patterns.

Here is a shot of the plastic chain pieces I glued to the top so it can be hung up for display. The chain was found (about 5 pieces) and then ended up being hollow. I cut one link in half, put construction adhesive inside the 2 ends and slipped them over a few screws.


Next step was painting the wood grain. I do all my faux wood the same way but you can choose what works for you. NOTE: I do not use spray paint because it will melt your foam. I use latex house paint.

I painted the entire piece with flat black.

Then comes varying shades of browns.

After the sign was painted it was time to decide on how to make the lettering. I decided on using craft foam and cutting them out with my hot knife.

At the last minute I threw in a foam skull in the middle section that was empty. I don’t have any real detail pictures on the painting, but here are two when I started.

I took all the craft foam pieces, taped them to some scrap wood and painted them with silver spray paint. NOTE: Craft foam will not melt like the foam board so you are safe with this paint.

It took about 45 minutes to dry. I used a dark grey glaze and fussed with it until I got the effect I wanted. Basically, you brush the glaze on heavy and using a wet paper towel, rub and wipe off to make it look weathered.

Here is the completed project.


The added detail was a few dollar store plastic buttons that were glued onto the sign.