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Here is a picture of a gun I made for one of my skeleton pirates for this year. It's made for 1" blue foam, a section of wooden dowel rod and some craft foam for detailing.

When I find where I saved my other construction pics, I'll post a few. (Post continues ...)

2" Blue foam board & 1" wooden dowel rod.



Sections carved and glued together. The little wedge section was a transition pieces since I couldn't get the 2 sections to fit correctly.

Here the Blue foam board was painted brown to look like wood. The wooden dowel rod was painted to look like old metal. Carft foam was cut, glued and painted to look like old metal as well.



More craft foam was added for the trigger along with a small wooden dowel for the ram rod.

Closeup of the muzzle and ram rod along with the metal banding details.


Closeup for the trigger section.

Here is the final detail: the flintlock. All made from craft foam and painted to look like metal.