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My Pirate Shipwreck Halloween Prop

I got the idea to create a shipwreck from a prop that was mentioned on a Halloween forum I visited. I was pointed in the direction of:

From there, I decided I wanted to make one myself. Here is how I did my version.

An updated version is available here.

I started by making my frames out of 1 x 3 lumber and some scrap 2 x 4 boards.

Top section

Bottom section

Then I bolted the two frames together to complete the ship’s skeleton. I made it in sections so I could transport and store the prop more easily.

Both sections bolted together

One half on it’s side ready to skin

These are the progress photos after the tarp has been stapled on the frame and painting begins.

Detail painting added so its beginning to look more like a shipwreck.



Here are the rocks made from brown craft paper and some paint.




Here is the sail made from one carpet tube, a cardboard wrapping tube and some scrap fabric for a sail. I also made a ship’s wheel from a wooden wagon wheel and some scrap 1 x 4’s.