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Pirates of North Court Return

It was another great year for us this past Halloween. The weather was nice, the visitors were great and everything in the display worked fine on the big night. We had about 300 trick-or-treaters and their parents stop and visit with us. We even had people visit from outside the community because of the wonderful article written by Dara @ The Cecil Whig.

I managed to get the display up for almost a full week. I know it doesn't sound like much but in past years, the display went up 2 days before and then came down that evening.

Here is the Youtube video slideshow of the display.

If you haven't checked us out yet, we are on FaceBook now: Pirates of North Court. I'll try and post updates on that page as well as on here so you can keep up with what's new.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. Until next time ...