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2008 Props

Here is a complete listing of all my projects built in 2008. Have fun and be safe!


All these projects are posted as-is so you can adapt and change things to fit your own personal requirements. Some of these projects require the use of power tools so please read and understand the use of each before attempting to follow along. Please keep safety in mind and use common sense during construction.
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{jcomments off}My Pirate Cannon Halloween Prop

Update: I've made a few changes to some of the materials I used for a new and improved version for 2013. See the newer version here.

What pirate in the right mind would go out without some major firepower. What better way to flex your muscle then a couple cannons.

So, here is how I made some pirate cannons out of a cardboard sono tube, small section of cardboard tube, foam pipe insulation, styrofoam and a styrofoam ball, a plastic bowl, glue, and some paint.

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This was my first attempt at creating a faux wooden sign. I wanted to make something to put at the beginning of the driveway to give a hint at what's to come.

What better way then to have a warning sign: Pirate Ahead Ye Be Warned.

This project was inspired by the Spooky Blue's Fake Wood Project.

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My Pirate Shipwreck Halloween Prop

I got the idea to create a shipwreck from a prop that was mentioned on a Halloween forum I visited. I was pointed in the direction of:

From there, I decided I wanted to make one myself. Here is how I did my version.

An updated version is available here.

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