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General Ideas

More or less this section is just some unstructured thoughts, ideas or plans of upcoming Halloween projects. Anything that involves an actual project build will include a link to the project section for complete build details.

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A Posable Skeleton?

One of my ideas is to corpse my plastic skeletons with plastic using Allen's method:

Read more: Posable Skeleton Corpse


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A friend of mine was kind enough to offer to make a leather dog collar for our dog Rio. Since this was a "practice" piece, she didn't want to charge us for it. I suggested a trade, a hand-made prop for the collar. I was told I couldn't spend more than $15 in materials for it since that was what her expense would be.

I used a few pieces from a bag of styrofoam bones, some scraps of PVC pipe, trash bags, cheese cloth and some white glue. I had to buy a fitting piece for my PVC pipe and a little bit of glue. I think it was about $1.50 - $1.75 out of pocket.

Since it was a surprise, I didn't really take pictures of it but here is a video of it done in my backyard. I added the snake in since she really doesn't like snakes! It took about 2 1/2 days of actual work but spread out over about a week.

Note: no sounds or movements are part of the prop, its just for the video.


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