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General Ideas

More or less this section is just some unstructured thoughts, ideas or plans of upcoming Halloween projects. Anything that involves an actual project build will include a link to the project section for complete build details.

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Construction Has Begun!

I've done a little bit of building on the new shipwreck prop. Over the past couple of Sundays I've managed to get 1 side framed and the back with part of the Captain's Quarters framed as well.

Here is a very short video of it outside during a test fitting of the pieces so far.


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It's July!

It is roughly 4 months until Halloween and I haven't begun my new shipwreck. My last one lasted a few years but the elements were not kind and I had to toss it away. I was never really happy with it and had plans to rebuild it even better. Well, that time never came and I've been putting it off for the past 2 years.

Read more: The Building of a Shipwreck - Part 1


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Thar be Pirates!

We had a friend come visit the other weekend so I set up a little display to share.


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Pirates of North Court could make a return!

Starting to get some ideas together for new props and seriously considering putting out our display for 2013. The shipwreck we used the last 3 years has been "retired" so a new and improved one would have to be constructed.

I won't promise any detailed how-to's for these new projects but I'm thinking it may be time for more videos on the builds. There are a ton of great home haunters on YouTube that vlog a great deal of there props, projects and experiences being a home haunter. I have a channel (click here) that I upload my videos to but I also put them here as well. You are welcome to subscribe to my channel but don't expect regular updates or any "amazing" prop builds, just typical halloween stuff but with my own flair.

That is it for this update, stay tuned to see what's up next!


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