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New Prop Cannon for 2013

I've wanted to upgrade my cannons ever since I built my first 2 back in 2008. They looked alright but I wasn't really happy with the overall look. So, for the past 2 weekends I've built a new one.


I didn't plan on making another tutorial so I don't have any build pictures during construction. It really is almost identical to my other cannon except I made a muzzle for this one out of several disks of 2" foam glued together and turned on a "drill lathe" to get the shape. I used some craft foam & cording/rope for the banding and 2 different sizes of PVC pipe for the trunnion.

I wanted a bit more detail on this one so I added a lion's head made out of Crayola Magic air dry clay. I was in a hurry to see how it would look so I made it up rather quickly and laid it over the barrel and then had to wait almost 4 days before I could remove it. I couldn't do anything to the cannon while that dried so I lost almost a week of building.

Here is the end of the cannon, not much changed in design from before. I still used a plastic bowl that was almost the perfect size for the end cap. I added a small ring of blue foam, shaped and glued on to clean the end up. Added a small tapered piece of blue foam and glued a plastic ball on the end to complete the look.

The actual color I was going for this one was an aged bronze. Since these pictures were taken in the basement later in the evening, I had to use the flash. It really is less blotchy in person.

The next part of the build will be the carriage.