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Stained & Sealed!

I've managed to build the main structure of the shipwreck. Almost all of the "complicated" stuff is done. A few more minor things to build and on to the skinning and details.

I brought it inside my garage to add an outdoor deck stain & sealer to protect the treated lumber. The last shipwreck I built I didn't use pressure treated lumber nor did I put a sealer on it so it only lasted 3 seasons. I plan to keep this one a bit longer.

I will be adding frosted plexiglass to the windows with some sort of flicker lighting behind them. I have moulding & trim pieces to add as well as the siding. Still haven't decided on what material to use but I have an idea that might work.

Our friend next door said her & her son might dress up as pirates and be part of the display. I did build the decking to support the weight of two people so that would work out fine.

So much left to do and it's almost 1 month away from setting it up outside!