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A collection of thoughts and ideas that maybe halloween or haunt related.

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Halloween in Williamsburg

We decided to go spend a few days in Williamsburg, Va. for Halloween. On Halloween night, we went on a ghost tour and visited several of the historic buildings by candle light and listened to period ghost stories.

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Pirate Encampment

Spent the day at the Havre de Grace Pirate Fest. They dressed up and gave some history about pirates and thier living quarters while off the ship. I enjoyed all the wonderful props they had to share with us. Here are a couple videos of the days events.

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Delaware Pirate Festival

Spent the day at a free Pirate Fest in Delaware. This one was geared more for the kids but I wanted to take a tour on their flag ship: The Kalmar Nyckel.

They had some very nice singing groups, a preservation group and a scavenger hunt for the kids.

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A Photo-Op Prop

So, I've been thinking that I'd love to try another Monster Mud prop for this year. I also wanted to make something that people could stand around and take pictures with and not get in the way of the rest of the display. A photo-op area like amusement parks have in the different areas would be cool. Mine would have to be something awesome and go with the pirate theme.

This is officially my first prop of 2010: The Chained Pirate! Stay tuned for when it starts ...

Project started, here is the update.


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Halloween 2009 was hilighted by periods of heavy rain and winds. Not a complete washout, but it put a hurting on some of my "filler" props. Most of those were made with cardboard tubes or boxes.

This year I have been replacing those with materials that can handle some bad weather. I'm using conduit (both PVC and fiberglass) to replace the carpet tubes and I'll be using thin plywood and old pallet boards to make crates & boxes.

I have started by redoing my pilings using 4" fiberglass conduit with a "new" texture material (monster mud mixed with liquid nails). I'm making 4 or 5 sets to use as a barrier to keep the kids out of the display.

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